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We facilitate the road to a product strategy that paves the path to innovation and digitization of internal processes.

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  • Structurally improve the customer experience for each target group.

  • Enable strategic decision making based on an understanding of the added value of opportunities and existing bottlenecks.

  • Optimize operational processes to support the envisioned customer journey as efficiently as possible.

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Customer journey management

By mapping the customer journey, we provide an overview of all the factors influencing user experience, constructed from the user’s perspective. This includes identifying the individual interactions between the user and the organization (direct and indirect) and the perceived experience.

These insights help discover and prioritize the necessary improvements and possible service innovations towards improving the overall experience towards an envisioned ideal customer journey.

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Service blueprint design

Following the understanding of an ideal experience, comes the understanding how the organization and internal processes can be optimized to deliver the envisioned experience (for a specific touchpoint) in a consistent and efficient way.

A service blueprint is a way to specify and detail each individual organizational aspect of a service and link it to a customer journey. This shows how the various touchpoints come to being, what departments are facilitating each step in the journey, and how they can be influenced by the organization itself.

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Transformation sprints

Take the first step to digitize any business process in just a couple of weeks. The Transformation Sprint is an impactful design exercise for enterprises and growing organizations with a need for process digitization.

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Design sprints

Answer critical business questions in just five days by designing, prototyping and testing ideas with real customers.

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