Industry leadership

We have experience working with clients across a range of industries. Our depth of knowledge brings a fresh and unique perspective and helps you utilise the opportunities of digital.

We aim to make companies more competitive using digital technology and supporting digital transformation. Our team is able to translate domain and industry expertise from various worlds to your organisation, helping you grow, innovate, and create value.

Auditing and quality assurance

Auditing and quality assurance

We help companies with digitalisation of quality control solutions, data-driven analytics to identify areas of improvement and track performance to allow them to maintain high standards of quality, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with standards and industry regulations.

Mobility and automotive


Collaborating with the automotive industry by leveraging emerging technologies, developing innovative mobility solutions, promoting sustainability initiatives and developing personalised experiences for stakeholders and customers.

Logistics supply chain solutions

Logistics and supply chain

Through the use of technology and process optimisation, we help our clients optimise the physical movement and storage of goods, reduce costs, and ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of products or services to their customers.

manufacturing process


We provide specialised services to manufacturing companies helping them with digital solutions to improve production efficiency and quality, streamline processes, planning automatisation and maintenance scheduling.

semiconductor industry


We have experience with a range of digital solutions tailored for the semiconductor industry, including product information distribution, digital twin technology, yield management, product traceability, and product authentication and anti-counterfeiting.



We help medical institutions, health care centers, insurers and medical startups with defining digital strategies and digital transformation projects. By optimizing healthcare workflows we create efficiency and improved doctor-patient experiences.

Food production line

We are specialised in complex and dynamic environments

More specifically, we are specialised in making the complex simple, insightful and actionable through digital solutions to help your organisation grow, innovate, and create value for employees and external stakeholders.

If your industry is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to broaden your and our horizon.

Put a smile on people's faces

Together we create digital products that fit your organization and understand people. Our beliefs help us to always make an impact, surprise at moments, and support you in the best way possible.

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