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User research provides insight into the perceived user experience (UX) and clarifies to what extent your product meets the wishes and needs of your end user, as well as the goals of your organization.

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Benefits of research and user validation

  • Understanding what parts of your product can be optimized based on the user’s experience and needs.

  • Gather feedback from your users and create actionable overviews of possible improvements.

  • Get a deeper understanding of the context in which your product and specific functionality is used.

  • Create insight into possible differences between, and within, target audiences.

Usability tests: Easy access to golden insights

Involving the actual users of your product is easy and gives you tons of valuable insights. With just 6 end users per target audience, we reveal between 80 and 85 percent of the problems related to the tested product.

Increase application adoption

Usability research clarifies what works and what doesn’t within an application according to the end user. It also provides insight into why things work or don’t work based on the context in which the application is used.

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Simplify decision-making process

The gathered insights allow teams to make more objective decisions related to added value of backlog stories and help prioritize new developments.

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Reduce development costs

The sooner applications, or new functionalities, are subjected to a usability study, the sooner wrong decisions can be corrected. Given the 'cost of change1', the costs of making adjustments will become considerably higher the longer inaccuracies and inefficiencies are left untouched.

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