Design systems for consistency and efficiency

The design system creates a comprehensive overview of all rules, principles, guidelines and digital components used in a digital product (eco-system). It allows multiple teams to create various digital products simultaneously, while keeping the applications coherent, easy-to-use and in line with brand definitions.

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What will you get with a design system?

A design system contains at least a definition and documentation of following digital assets:

  • Brand guidelines

  • Typography rules

  • Colors defintion and usage

  • Iconography

  • Atoms such as buttons and form elements

  • Application grids and views

  • Application components

  • Application interaction patterns

The impact of design systems

Improve design & development efficiency

All assets in the design system are reusable, eliminating repetitive tasks and increasing the speed in which new pages and functionality can be delivered. Alignment and communication between team members become more efficient and effective.

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Consistently high user experience

Create consistency within, and across, applications by using the components in the design system. This makes applications more pleasurable to use increasing the adoption of the tool.

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Improve ease-of-use

Uniformity allows users to learn and use each application build upon the design system faster, because they are intuitive to use. Users know what to expect and how they can interact because they recognize patterns and components.

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Increase users’ efficiency and reduce errors

Consistency in applications and easy-to-use interaction patterns cause users to make less mistakes, making them more efficient in completing their tasks.

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Want to know more about design systems?

We would love to give you a demo of some of the design systems we made for other customer.

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