Lead UX Designer

Location: Eindhoven and remote | Contract: Full-time

At Bankai we believe in diversity of minds to create solutions that work best for every user. Are you the pro that motivates and guides are teams to create the innovative, impactful and intuitive digital experiences?

  • Do you want to dive into customer's problems, fully understand their world and pitch them the best ideas technology can offer?

  • Do you know how to translate user insights into digital products that people want to keep on using?

  • Are you able to help customers with using the right co-creation process?

  • Can you inspire our customers and your fellow designers?

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working at Bankai

What we offer

Together with the rest of Bankai you will build user experiences ranging from web-apps to native mobile apps. For all devices, for all kinds of users.

The work that we do varies from high tech business-to-employee applications to consumer apps. This means you will work in complex domains such as high-tech (micro-chips and automotive) and current sociological developments (circular economics and climate change), but also in consumer oriented teams (e-commerce platforms, campaigns and product configurators). Besides offering you a good salary and fringe benefits, you have the chance to join a great team of highly skilled people to work with.

The Bankai culture

You will feel at home in our team if you are looking for a place in which you:

  • Are accepted for who you are. Be yourself, be weird.

  • Work with high quality standards while having a laugh.

  • Want to experience a strong focus on developing your professional skills.

  • Work in a beautiful office, near the city center of Eindhoven, with great public transport connections.

  • Enjoy a company lunch every day.

What we seek in you

  • Someone who is excited about what they do. Everyone at Bankai is passionate about what we do and this is what we look for in others too.

  • A good eye for amazing and pixel perfect work. We don't sell ugly stuff, even though we all agree that function should always go before beauty.

  • Craziness (in a good way). Oscar Levent once said “There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” And that’s what we need, crazy people 😉.

  • Experience in carrying out user research and usability testing. You should know how to get information out of people in order to create customer journeys, experience maps and decide on future improvements for digital products.

  • A remarkable information architect. You should be able to oversee a project and all it's functionality in order to understand how to make the best architectural design decisions. You will help your team understand scope and flows by creating user flows and information architectures.

  • The master of design processes. We will ask you the question: What process steps do you take in order to come to the best possible solutions and why? We expect a good answer. You will get the same support questions from our customers.

  • Knowledgeable on scrum methodology. We prefer it if you have completed multiple scrum projects in which you collaborated with development teams and stakeholders. We like Scrum and Agile UX. We prefer to do all our projects according to scrum methodology, so you should be able to own that process and help others understand why this way of working is beneficial for them.

  • Full understanding of component based design systems. You should be able to create them during design project and you should be able to teach other designers this technique.

  • A team player and problem solver. At Bankai we co-create. Each and every day we create, so all ideas are welcome. If you have a flair for the creative side of things, please show us.

  • Great communication skills and speak English (and Dutch too). You will be discussing complex subjects with data-scientists, developers, designers and clients. You will also be required to document your work using clear and easy to understand language. So yeah… You will be required to talk and write and stuff.

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